Monday, November 23, 2015

Recently I was alerted to the website of BloomNation. BloomNation is a flower delivery service that supports local florists through their online marketplace. BloomNation asked B Notes to curate inspirational advice about decorating your home with flowers.  
I love flowers and I try to have fresh flowers in my house every week. When I receive a bouquet of flowers from friends or family members I want to enjoy them as long as possible. Sometimes a particular flower starts dying in the bouquet while other flowers and green leafs are still perfect. Then I always separate all the flowers and leafs, put them in different vases and just place them somewhere in my house. Creating an entire new feeling with flowers from the same bunch. And the fun is that you can enjoy the flowers for up to 2,5 weeks. Just give it a try. 

Right now I still have leaves in a vase from a bouquet I got 4 weeks ago, yay! In this post I have added images of flowers I find beautifully arranged and are my idea of beautifully decorating the house with flowers.

Flowers in tea cups and colorful vases. This will create a burst of color in your house.

I'm totally obsessed with the Ikebana flower styling, a Japanese art of styling flowers, especially these modern takes on Ikebana.
A beautiful fall bouquet. I personally love the wildflower arrangements like these, various flowers and an uneven number of flowers. Sometimes one very special flower in a bouquet makes it very attractive to look at. For example a lot of green leaves and small flowers combined with one peony or dahlia.

Try using an unusual object as a vase, like this pink bucket, vintage tea boxes or an empty water bottle to give it a fun twist.

Filling your home with flowers on little spots, like a bed side table, a stack of books, your nook in the bathroom, you name it. It can be anywhere, it will fill your home with that lovely fresh scent.
And okay, this isn't the real deal when it comes to flowers, but it is very cool and I felt I needed to add it here as well. Giant flowers on your walls! How cool is that?

All images via B Notes Pinterest Boards Interior and I Love Flowers and BloomNation

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