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Thursday, November 26, 2015

I don't believe I have to use many words for this blogpost, because I simply love this topic. Amelie. The movie Amelie. If you by now think: Amelie? What? Which movie? I suggest you stop reading and go watch that movie and come back here when you're done watching. And if you hate it, don't bother coming back at all ;). Because then you will probably not like this blog anyway. 

But for all the Amelie lovers out there, and I know you girls (and probably a few boys as well) are out there. Don't you just love her house? I have searched the internet for good images everywhere and they are a bit hard to find, but I managed to find film stills which will give a good overview of Amelie's lovely little world, quirky decor and accessories.

The kitchen window overlooking the neighbors apartments (how cute are the plants and spices in front of the window). And of course le chat.

The bathroom, where Amelie finds an old treasure of the previous owner.

These shots are phenomenal. And I like the distinctive colors. The red French boudoir wallpaper, blue lamps and green accents.

The colors are so beautifully coordinated here.

I managed to find a postcard with the collared dog. Truly I almost screamed with joy when I found it. I believe nobody quite understands why it hangs in my home, including my boyfriend. But you understand right? I have a little Amelie style in my house. 

The piggie lamp, which exists by the way, can be bought here. Also check My Domaine, they've made a beautiful post about the Amelie accessories that are used in the movie. So you can truly create your Amelie interior.

I believe the world could use some Amelie love right now, boys and girls on their quest for true love and making someone in their lives just a little bit happier. So take of those tiles in your bathroom, who knows what kind of treasures you will find ;).

Images via Moon to Moon

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