The Coffee Table with S P A C E

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I can watch photos of coffee table styling for hours and hours. There are lots of cool pictures, blogs and sources to find inspiration. I wanted to show you some images of decor that I find inspiring and helpful. Because, honestly, some people take coffee table styling a little bit too far in my opinion. 

Like this one below. It is truly beautiful, but what is the point of the coffee table if you cannot even put your cup of coffee on the table, right?

I am more into homes and spaces where you are able to live in and where you can see that people live. Like putting your coffee cup on the coffee table. Below some of my favorite images and inspiration of coffee tables with S P A C E.

1.via Pinterest/2.Design Manifest/3-4.Pinterest/5.Zoco Home
6-7.Pinterest/8-9.The Jungalow

All Pinterest images via Coffee Table Styling 

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