Palm Love

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I really love palm trees, especially when I can adore them in their natural habitat (that is, almost always, a warm and beautiful country). 

But even in the more colder countries in this world we can still enjoy the beauty of palm trees in our homes. If they are real plants or a beautiful decoration piece, you are free to experiment.

Create an open wall for your plants, or when it is possible create an open space to your outdoor area. That way you can pull outdoor and indoor together.

Use wallpaper to create a jungle effect.

When breaking walls or changing your wall color is too much for you (which in my case and maybe yours as well, breaking walls simply isn't possible, my landlord will definitely not like that), you can also decorate with palm printed accessories like pillows, blankets and lamps. Or find one of these beautiful golden pieces, which will be a definite eye catcher in the room.

Or just go for the real deal: put palm trees in your house.

I really love this wall sticker, it feels like sitting under a palm tree every day! :)

All images via Pinterest (Palm Trees Decor)

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