My Dream Closet

Friday, August 14, 2015

The New York and Washington based company Compass asked me to create my dream closet and I could be as wild and creative as I wanted. Compass is a new real estate platform that helps people find the perfect home based on their interests and personality.

So, back to their question: What would my dream closet look like? Well living in a small city apartment, I really had to re-focus on what is possible. I am so used to creating something for a small space. But I researched a lot of closets and I believe my ultimate dream closet should be something like this.....(read further...)
I don't want my closet to look like a store, I know some people love it, but honestly I prefer being home. And I like that all rooms in my house feel like home.
There are a few things that came to mind instantly I would really want to have: daylight, a settee and a soft rug. 
Here you can find a link to a moodboard with some inspiration shots of closets I would build in my home. Scroll over the images to find my comments.

Below I have picked a few items that would really make the closet a dream closet for me.


Besides the large space for clothing and shoes it is nice to have some show elements in the closet, to place the most beautiful items on

Fun and eye-catching settee with Marimekko fabric

Velvet soft Sea Blue settee

The Wall
A large mirror should not be missing, but I like to have some fun with the walls as well.

A TILE WALL!! A beautiful patterned tile wall would make me so happy

Hand painted wallpaper by De Gournay 'St Laurent' Paper

Going Wild
OK, if I can go all wild than it would be this: fresh flower strands every week! And I will use them for the doorway, you will enter the closet through strands of flowers. They will give a lovely scent and let's be honest, this would be just damn cool right!

Flowers & Green
Besides the flower strands for the entry, I would love to have fresh flowers every day.

Some green in bottles always gives a nice accent

The Rug
Finally, the piece the resistance, a beautiful, fuzzy rug to complete the closet.

Morroccan Wedding Blanket to use as soft rug or throw over the settee

Let me know what your dream closet would look like or what your must have items should be in your dream closet.

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