Accent Chairs

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

This is my favorite find at a flea market. I wasn't looking for a new chair, just browsing around a little bit. But then I discovered this beauty tucked away in corner of a big garage. And the best part? It was only 25 euros. It is in very good condition, the nails are all still in there, the fabric is very good, no rips anywhere. And it is even comfortable to sit on. At first, I was doubting the color of the fabric a little bit. But now I feel it just works, or let's just say, I made it work. As I am not that handy in upholstering a chair.

Even though I could have used this chair as an extra chair for my dining table, I use it as an accent chair in my home. I placed it in my bedroom where I keep books on it or other ornaments I like, for example a Chinese fan (honestly: sometimes the chair functions very well as closet). But mostly I respect it as a beautiful ornament.

 And I love these carved details

I was inspired to write about my favorite accent chair by the team over at is a platform where you can buy and sell vintage furniture, decor, jewelry and accessories. The shop exclusively features curator-approved treasures. Go check out their beautiful finds on Accent Chairs here. I personally cannot wait to purchase something beautiful from the shop.

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