Empresses in the Palace

Friday, September 11, 2015

If you are like me, a big fan of ancient Chinese stories, you should really watch ' Empresses in the Palace.' I recently discovered it on Netflix and from the first minute I was hooked. 

The setting is in the Chinese Forbidden City, the decors and the costumes are exquisite. It really gives a very beautiful look into ancient times, traditions, poetry, etiquette, culture and herbal medicine.

Besides the aesthetic looks of the series, it also gives an insight in the intrigue and cheating between the people within the walls of the palaces. Below I have posted the trailer of the show, honestly the trailer is quite dramatic. The series itself is much more subtle and elegant. The story lines have many layers.

I also discovered that the Netflix version only has 6 episodes of 90 minutes, while the original series has 76 episodes of 45 minutes. Which means it has been edited quite heavily.

Even though, the series is still very beautiful. But after reading about the 76 episodes, I will watch it again. This time the original version a.k.a. binge watching ;). 

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